-Washing Windows-

Service that we offer

What services do we offer?

Eagles Cleaning wash your windows in a quality way, at any height, inside and / or outside.

This can be done once or you can opt for regular maintenance, whereby we visit you at pre-arranged times that suit you.

We wash your windows quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price (even in hard-to-reach places).

In addition to cleaning glasses, our cleaning company Eagles Cleaning offers various other services:

  1. First Cleaning of Windows after New Construction or Renovation
  2. Cleaning of Shutters, Gates, Gutters, Domes, Verandas …
  3. Cleaning Driveways and Facades
  4. Cleaning of solar panel

You can request a quote by e-mail at any time.

But of course we can also be reached by telephone on the number.

completed projects

We do everything with the heart

What other services do we offer?


Cleaning of workshops, warehouses, public spaces, shops, work floors, you name it all and many similar others.


A periodic or longer assignment, whereby we can proceed to deliver the toilet products or cleaning products.

Maintenance Apartment Buildings

Periodic assignments or one-off assignments for the maintenance of apartment buildings or vacant buildings.


We wash your windows quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price. Even in hard-to-reach places. Choose the right professionals.


Trust the Eagles Cleaning professional team to thoroughly clean your building after demolition, renovation or new construction.

Cleaning in restaurants

Cleaning in the Cafés, restaurants, hotels. This can lead to a regular or one-time allocation... It's your choice!

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